Rebuild Reunion

Upcoming Event

Wednesday October 13, 2021
5923 Clark Road Paradise, CA



Carl Henker
Coldwell Banker / Habitat for Humanity
Real estate market update. Upcoming new homes for sale.”


Michael Magneson
Magneson Excavation and Septic
What type of septic system is required and what will it cost?


Michael Powell
Academy Mortgage
The One Time Close Construction loan, explained.


Charles Brooks
Rebuild Paradise Foundation
What type of rebuild grants are available? Do I qualify?



Eric Clemens
Rebuilding Advocate

Up to date information on resources available from the Town of Paradise

Whether you owned a home, rented, or simply want to make the Ridge your home, you are welcome to attend this free meeting. Visit our Rebuild Room with free literature

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This Ridge Affordable Home, currently under construction on Bille Rd, has been purchased by a family who is returning to the Ridge.

In just a few short months, it will be three years since our community was devastated by the devastating Camp Wildfire.  While we continue to see progress towards reconstruction and recovery, less than 1,000 of the 15,000 homes lost on the ridge have been rebuilt.  Escalating construction costs, under-insurance, failure by the court to disburse PG&E settlement proceeds and the lack of new home inventory continues to plague our community. 

To better assist our community, the Ridge Affordable Homes has announced a new monthly seminar program to help homeowners, businesses and community leaders understand and navigate the many challenges they face trying to rebuild or purchase new homes.  The series of seminars will be held at the RRA Builders offices at 5923 Clark Road, Paradise, beginning Wednesday, September 8th from 6:00-7:00pm, and continuing the second Wednesday of each successive month.  Each seminar will focus on multiple topics such as re-construction, real estate, insurance, finance, and manufactured housing.  Representatives of the Town of Paradise, along with local, qualified industry professionals will be prepared to assist homeowners struggling to rebuild, first-time homebuyers, displaced renters, and others to understand what practical and financial assistance is available and help them apply and obtain it. 

“Everyday we meet with people who are ‘stuck’ in the recovery process” says Kelly Konzelman, CEO and Managing Director of RRA Builders.  Hector Vizcarra, COO and Managing Director of RRA Builders added, “They know that there is financial assistance available, but the qualification process, complexities and regulations are overwhelming to the average resident.  We have tried to streamline the entire application process by using a ‘team approach’ where developers, builders, homeowners, renters and financial professionals work together to design a solution that is customized for each individual family.  No more guessing, no more bad information, just a team of people committed to helping survivors recover, renters and new buyers looking to return to the Ridge.”

The first Rebuild Reunion will feature presentations by Doug Speicher of Fathom Realty, Michael Powell of Academy Mortgage, Kate Anderson of Town of Paradise, Kathy Gonsalez of Farmers Insurance, and Hector Vizcarra of the Ridge Affordable Homes. 

Ridge Affordable Homes and RRA Builders are a subsidiary of Reconstruction and Recovery Advisors Inc.  RRA Builders and it’s principals are licensed general contractors, licensed real estate brokers, manufactured home dealers, developers and recovery advisors with over 40 years of experience in construction, development, finance, real estate, and insurance claim management.  

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