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Here to help homeowners, businesses and community leaders understand and navigate the many challenges they face trying to purchase a new home.  Friendly qualified industry professionals are here for first-time homebuyers, displaced renters, and others to understand what practical and financial assistance is available and how to obtain it. 

Hector Vizcarra, COO and Managing Director of RRA Builders:  “They know that there is financial assistance available, but the qualification process, complexities and regulations are overwhelming to the average resident.  We have tried to streamline the entire application process by using a ‘team approach’ where developers, builders, homeowners, renters and financial professionals work together to design a solution that is customized for each individual family.  No more guessing, no more bad information, just a team of people committed to helping survivors recover, renters and new buyers looking to return to the Ridge.”

The fair featured presentations by Michael Powell of Academy Mortgage and Hector Vizcarra of the Ridge Affordable Homes. 

Ridge Affordable Homes and RRA Builders are a subsidiary of Reconstruction and Recovery Advisors Inc.  RRA Builders and it’s principals are licensed general contractors, licensed real estate brokers, manufactured home dealers, developers and recovery advisors with over 40 years of experience in construction, development, finance, real estate, and insurance claim management.  

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