We are here to help make your home purchase transaction as simple and easy as possible.  With special USDA, FHA and Cal HFA loan programs, and up to $100,000 in available down payment assistance, our mortgage professionals can help craft a financing package and monthly payments you can afford.

Town of Paradise First Time Buyer Program

Our “zero-down”, First Time Buyer program provides up to $100,000 in down payment assistance to income-qualified first time homebuyers.  If you haven’t owned a home in three years, lost your home (or rented home) in the Camp wildfire, or lost your home as a result of a divorce, you can qualify as a First Time Homebuyer.

Qualifying to buy your first home takes good financial planning. Lenders are looking for families with stabile income, reasonable credit, and housing costs that wont exceed 35% of your total gross income. Mortgages are available to new buyers with credit scores as low as 580. However, the higher your credit score, the less you will pay in points and interest. Call us today to discuss getting pre-qualified!

California Dream for All Program

The California Dream For All Program will loan you up to 20% of the purchase price for the down payment on your new home.  The “silent second” trust deed has zero-percent (0%) interest for up to 30 years.  There are no monthly interest or principal payments required.  Your 20% down payment eliminates costly private mortgage insurance (PMI).  You pay off the loan when you sell.  

Instead of interest, the State partners with you on your purchase, putting up 20% of the cash.  When you go to sell, the state gets paid back.  If you sell you home for more than you purchased it, the State retains a small profit percentage for putting up the money.  This program is available to all Butte County residents who make less than $168k per year.  It is not limited to low-income buyers or restricted by number of persons per household.

USDA, FHA and Cal HFA Government Subsidized Mortages

As a result of the Camp wildfire, government subsidized mortgages are now available to homebuyers looking to purchase new homes on the Ridge. These subsidized loans have lower interest rates than traditional bank mortgages, and include “zero-down” or 3% down loan products designed to help low-income buyers, and Camp fire victims qualify to own their own homes again. Our loan professionals are experts in government subsidized mortgages. Call us today to get pre-qualified!

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