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$100,000 in Down Payment Assistance Available

from the Town of Paradise for qualified buyers

Affordable Plans in the Town of Paradise and Magalia

Manufactured Homes

Priced from $275, 000

Paradise ranch masterplan

Priced from $360, 000

attached patio homes

Priced from $280, 000

Priced from $560, 000


Thought you could never afford to own your own home?

Government Subsidized Mortages​

As a result of the Camp wildfire, government subsidized mortgages are now available to homebuyers looking to purchase new homes on the Ridge.

First Time Buyer Program​

Our “zero-down”, First Time Buyer program provides up to $100,000 in down payment assistance to income-qualified first time homebuyers.

Down Payment Assistance​

Presently there is over $100,000 in DPA available to qualified buyers to purchase our homes.

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